When was New York City Founded?

New York City is one of most famous and popular cities in unites states. The metropolitan area of the New York City is considered and graded as one of the most crowded urban areas in the whole world. New York City is genuinely a very crowded city in unites states and it is considered as the most crowded state in unites states.

New York has a worldwide influence of the financial and commerce sector. The actual New York area was discovered by the 5,000 Lenape Native Americans way back in 1524, which were discovering Europe. Then they discovered Manhattan in 1614. The actual and real New York City was officially founded way back in the 1624 by the Dutch East India Company. They have founded New York City as a commercial trading post for the trading and commercial activities. New York has also been served as the capital of United States for a number of years. It was the capital of United stated from 1985 to 1790. New York City is the largest city of the country. Since than, New York city has grown in confidence and gained lot of significance not only in the United states but also in the whole world.

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