Travel Newyork to DC

All the cities of United States of America are known very well due to their specialties. The city of New York is known due to its wine lovers. The Western area of New York City is an especially superlative area for wine lovers. The Niagara Wine Trail is just few minutes far from the area of Niagara Falls and only half an hour from the Buffalo, swanks of 12 wineries that offer a very warm welcoming introduction to the wine of New York City. While going to the areas of DC from New York, the first stop will come of the Niagara Falls.

There are many attractive and charming sights to view the American falls and other Horseshoes on the Canadian sides. After the short time driving of only 20 minutes, it come the Lake Erie Port City of Buffalo. Generally, the temperature of this lake is moderate. The city of Buffalo is known as a friendly city that has historic architectures and other gorgeous entertaining and shopping districts.

The next area is of Niagara Wine Trail. This area is very much convenient to the both areas of Niagara Falls and Buffalo. From the city of the Buffalo, it is situated on the drive time of less than half an hour to the main group of wineries. This city is situated on the west side of the Lockport village of New York City. There are total 12 wineries on the Niagara Wine Trails and 11 of these wineries are right in the region of Niagara. This is an agricultural area and also popular due to its great professions of fruit growing.

After the Niagara Wine Trails, there are many different areas come between the New York City and DC. These areas are the Vizarra Vineyards, which is famous for its white, red and special fruit wines. The Honeymoon Trail Winery is also a great region of Niagara Falls area. This Trail provides many beautiful and attracting setups to sample their wines. After some areas, a region of Niagara Landing Wine Cellars comes that provides over than the two dozen wines collections from the local artists. Next areas are Spring Lake Winery, Chiappone Wine Cellars, Schulze Vineyards and Wineries, Freedom Run Wineries and Winery at Marjim Manors. Between the regions of Freedom Run and Winery at Marjim Manors an area of Leonard Oakes Estates Winery comes, whish is a brand new winery and also the member of Niagara Wine Trails.

New York leg of this great and unique voyage was a great arrangement of city attractions and farm wineries of rural areas. In real meaning, these arrangements are the best of the both worlds. The Niagara Wine Trail is one and only the highly pleasing wine travel targets in this part of the country. Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York City are overflowing with various wine trails and wineries. So, be confident to put these targets on the list of your wine travel interests.

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