Teen Travel Camp in New York

There a variety of teen camps around the country and in New York. These camps can provide a great experience for your teens helping them learn about themselves in a fun environment that is safe among there peers. Camp Walden is one the best Teen camps and is available every summer. The camp is co-ed and is located in the Adirondack Mountains giving them an experience they will never forget.

They provide two week and four week camps for the returning campers. Because of the location there is a variety of activities for your teens to experience. Included in there outdoor activities is a ski dock, hiking trips, mountain biking and sailing on there 27 foot sailboat in Lake George.

The camp is actually located on Trout Lake which is over 3 miles long where there is daily water skiing taking part. The water is warm enough during the summer camp for plenty of swimming. Other activities in the water include canoeing, kayaking, knee-boarding, tubing, and paddle-bating.

They will also take your teen on excursions to other parts of the region. They will be able to visit Montreal, Boston, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. This will give your teen a variety of adventures to experience leaving them with memories for there entire life.

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