New York Yankee jokes

New York Yankee is very famous in not only New York City but all around America. New York Yankee is the actual name of the state baseball team of New York City. People are mad about baseball in New York and they really love and support their Yankee team.

There are so many different kinds of jokes are associated with the New York Yankees and these kinds of jokes are called New York Yankees Jokes. Most of the people use the New York Yankee jokes to make a lot of fun and laugh at the others teams. For example here is a very riddle question for you.

A person asks another person:
- What has 400 feet and 3 teeth?
Now you guess, what would be the answer?

The other person answers :
- It would be the first row of the benches or stands at the Yankee stadium.

The next one is about the Yankee stamps. A person asks another person that the Post Office has designed new stamps and do you know what is on them. The second person says, no, I don’t know, what’s on them. The first one reply, the stamps have the pictures of Yankees team players on them.
You will find a lot of these kinds of jokes. If you like to have some more jokes then you should post them here.

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