New York Travel Guide

When planning your vacation to New York you are able to plan a trip that can go a variety of ways. Let us take a look at a few musts inside the City of New York and the surrounding areas. When you first arrive in the city take a trip to the Empire State Building. From a top of the building there is an observatory area which has a virtual tour called the New York Skyride. During this tour you can see the entire city and see what pops out into your mind.

Central Park is a must see for all first time visitors. You will be placed in the heart of the city with 840 acres of well manicured landscape including a zoon, theatre, food and much more. Time Square is also a must see for the first time viewer, it is an experience that must be scene for all. For you sports fans take the all access tour of Madison Square Garden. The history in Madison Square Garden is second to none.

If you can pry yourself outside the city there are a variety of natural wonders to see. You have the Adirondack Park that provides a variety of activities for the whole family. Depending if you arrive in the winter or summer you will have a variety of activities to participate in. In the winter the skiing is one of the greatest attractions in the state. While when it warms up there are a variety of water sports to partake in. Horseback riding is also available in the rural parts of the state.

There is too much to do in one trip to New York, so find out what you want to do the most and tackle that. You can always go back.

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