New York State Travel Conditions

There a variety of ways to get to New York including train, plane and car but once you get there how is to going to be getting around? Of course different parts of the state are going to be highly different from the outside rural areas of the state to the city of New York and its high traffic…

The state of New York has had there department of transportation build a website to keep locals and tourists up to date at all times. For locals they have built a system called TransAlert that will let members receive in real time any significant change in traffic conditions. They will either contact you by text messages or by emails, the choice is yours.

For winter months they have a Winter Travel Advisory. The Advisory looks over the most traveled roads and keeps update the snow and ice conditions on the road. They will inform drivers when they will plow and treat the roads.

For travelers they have built in the Travel Information Gateway. They break up the state in to the regions of Adirondack, Central / Eastern, Downstate, and Western Region and then breaks them down into the most common routes. People than can see any condition in the area and plan there trip accordingly.

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