New york city vacations

New york city vacations (York.ogg In-custom-New to listen), in English New york city vacations city vacations or NYC (officially, City off New york city vacations) to distinguish it from the State of New york city vacations, is the main city of the United States, with a population of 8 143 200 inhabitants. Its agglomeration is also most important of the country, in front of those of Los Angeles and Chicago, and its total GDP the class with the second world rank behind the agglomeration of Tōkyō.

Located in the State of New york city vacations, on the east coast of the United States, it is the center of the large megalopolis of BosWash [2]. In 2005, the population of the Large New york city vacations was estimated at 21 903 623 and in 2008, with 25.946.000 inhabitants divided between the States of New york city vacations, of the New Jersey and Connecticut whereas the town of New york city vacations itself counted 8 143 197 inhabitants, distributed in five large districts (also called boroughs): Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.

New york city vacations, frequently called Big Apple, namely “Large Apple” or The city that never sleeps, gathers today the whole of the criteria characteristic of a world city, i.e. of a metropolis perfectly integrated in universalization. Indeed, New york city vacations is today a decisional, economic and cultural center of foreground, in particular thanks to the power of its institutions such as the New york city vacations Stock Exchange or the head office of UNO, but also thanks to the many seats of companies located in the city.