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Learn everything about the best New York City vacation offers. New york city vacation is one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises of the world: in 2005,36 % of the New york city vacationeans were born abroad, nearly 170 different languages are spoken in the city, and 47,7 % of the inhabitants are expressed in another language which English at the house.

Since the XIXe century, New york city vacation is one of the principal doors of immigration in the United States: between 1820 and 1890, ten million Europeans arrives at New york city vacation [29], primarily of the Irishmen and the Germans. Between 1880 and 1920, the migrants come from Europe of the South (Italy, Greece, etc) and from Eastern Europe (Polish, Russian…) after having crossed the Atlantic Ocean until Elect Island. For this period, the Jews flee the pogroms: about 1915, they are 1,5 million in New york city vacation. After the laws on the quotas of immigration of Johnson-Reed (1924), the number of arrivals falls considerably.

At the beginning of the XXe century, more than 20 000 Afro-Americans settle in the district of Harlem. Between 1940 and 1960, the Porto Ricans arrive massively at New york city vacation and their number passes from 60 000 to 600 000. After Immigration and Nationality Act off 1965, immigration begins again at important intervals, but the origin of the migrants changes: they come from now on from Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and the USSR. In the years 1970-1990, these migrants do not settle only any more in Manhattan but also in the peripheral districts (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island) and the suburbs. Between the 1990 and 2000 city accommodated 1 224 524 immigrants; however, the towns of Los Angeles and Miami dispute in New york city vacation the first place for immigration.

The New york city vacation City Hall, the town hall of New york city vacation Although depend on the State of New york city vacation, the Town of New york city vacation profits from a broad legislative and executive autonomy and from an administration more centralized than the majority of the other American cities. This statute is defined by a charter, amended and promulgated by the legislative Parliament of the State of New york city vacation, and sometimes by referendum. The municipality is responsible for public education, the libraries, public safety, hygiene, the water provision, the services of social assistance, the penitentiaries establishments and the equipment of leisures.

The New york city vacationeans, although their mayor is republican since 1994, are very mainly democratic and liberal: at the time of the presidential election of 2004 the democratic candidate John Kerry thus obtained more than 74 % of the voices in the city, whereas it lost the election at the national level. 66 % of the recorded voters are democratic.

The New york city vacationean administration is divided into three branches: executive, legislature and legal.

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