New York City Skyline

New York is one of the most famous and one of the most popular cities in United States. New York is considered as the center and heart of United States. New York was the first capital United States. Basically New York is called the business center or city of United States. New York is a just like a cluster and structure of some very high and huge buildings. When take a good look at the structure of New York City, what you will actually see, you will see some very high, huge and tall buildings. All these high and huge buildings are called the New York City skyline or skyline area of New York City.

Lots of hotels, business centers, living buildings and all other kinds of high and tall buildings are called the skylines of New York City. There are so many buildings that stands very tall in the center of New York City but there are so many new buildings are being constructed lately and some of the new buildings are under construction in the New York City skyline. Freedom Tower is one of the very few buildings that are under construction and will be completed in the upcoming future. It is about 1776 feet high and it is scheduled to be completed in 2010. The completion of Freedom Tower will really be a great inclusion in the New York City skyline.

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