Interesting Facts about New York

New York is a very famous and a very interesting city. It is one of the most forward and developed states of U.S. if you are great fan of New York City then there are so many interesting facts and specifics that you should know about New York.

There are so many different ways and resources that can be effectively used to know about some very strange and interesting facts about New York. If you take a look at the income tax rates of the whole states then you will know that the income tax ranges from 4.0% to 7.7%. But on the other hand the income tax rate the local New York City is 2.907% to 4.45%. The sales tax rate of the whole state is 4% but the sales tax rate of the local city the main New York City is 4.375%. New York City has five main employers. The main five and the largest employers includes the names of City of New York (by far) and the New York Public Schools. It also includes the names of Merrill Lynch and JFK International Airport along with the name of Goldman Sachs Group. One of the most interesting facts about New York is that it is really hot in the summers and really cold and freeze weather in winters.

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