How to Cook a New York Strip Steak

Food, cuisine, or gourmet is a very big field and it purely a very good talent to have some sort of knowledge and skills of cooking. There are so many things that can really provide lot of fun and joy on the faces of people, cooking is one of them.

There are so many different kinds of foods that have their own appearance and standard amongst people. A steak is very famous and well very good food for those people who really wish to make their occasion a memorable one. New York steak is special and good quality thing the knowledge and skills of cooking a New York steak is a very good and useful one. New York steak is a very famous and one of the most preferred and served steaks in U.S. New York steaks are very loving and tasty cuts that are available. In the process of cooking a New York steak, the first and the most important step is to choose a good quality steak. You should always try to choose the best meat that is available. The color of the meat should be bright red.

You can use a number of different ways and techniques to prepare the steaks. You can use various marinades to add different regional flairs in your New York steaks. There are three different kinds of methods that can be applied and used to cook New York steaks. You can either use grilling, broiling and you can also use pan frying as well. In order to get good and hygienic taste, steaks should be cooked at min 145°F. Steaks cooked at 145°F are called medium rare, cooked at 160°F are Medium and the cooked at 170°F are called well done cooked steaks.

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