Cheap New York Vacations

When visiting New York City one of the hardest things to do is save a buck. When going out and shopping you want to enjoy yourself so we have to look at other options when looking for a deal. Luckily many travel companies are popping up to gives us opportunities to save money on air travel and hotels inside of the city giving our wallets a break.

Airfare can vary in price drastically from company to company. See what airlines fly out of your local airport and check to see if Spirit Airline resides. They have a newsletter that they send out once a month that shows unbelievable deals to all parts of the world. When planning in advance you can get seats as little as 20 dollars one way if you time it up right. If Spirit is not at your airport look into Priceline where you can name your own price but be ready to leave at odd times since you will not be able to pick your own flight times.

When looking for a hotel there are two ways to go for it. First there a couple of hotels in the city such as SoHotel and the Union Square Inn that are older but provides rooms at or under a $100 a night. Also look at currently as I write this there is a 4 star hotel in New York City for $109 a night.

Those are just a couple of ways to save you money on your next trip.

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